Acquire v2.7.10 Update

Acquire v2.7.10 has just been released.


Updating your system

This version will only upgrade Acquire v2.7 installations.

Please contact Ambrit if your Acquire licence is older than v2.7 before downloading this version as extra licence costs may occur.

IMPORTANT: You should back up your Acquire folder before installation.


What's included?

This update is recommended for all versions of Acquire v2.7.0 through 2.7.9 and includes general fixes that enhance the stability and compatibility of Acquire; including fixes that:

• Improve flow computer report printing

• Allows company logos to be printed on flow computer reports.

• Allows only the most recent batch to be recalculated in Omni v22.75 (this is a workaround to a bug in the Omni)

• Text reports no longer include digit groups on fields


The update can be downloaded from

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